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Barry Clarke

  • Barry Clarke, General Manager, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Barry Clarke is the General Manager for Macro’s operations in Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). He has been in the Middle East since 2008 and has worked on projects such as Old Town Island, Dubai Marina, Musheireb Downtown (Qatar). In KSA, he headed up the team providing consultancy for King Abdullah Financial District and King Abdullah Economic City. Barry is experienced in all aspects of service provision, consultancy and transition management. 

Before joining Macro’s international team, Barry was the Project Lead for a Costain, Mowlem, AMEC Partnering Framework Joint Venture serving the NHS. Prior to that, he worked in the NHS for over twenty years, formerly as Head of Design, Build and Facilities on the UK’s largest NHS PFI project (Bart’s and The London NHS Trust). A Fire Safety Practitioner by profession, he held a number of positions within the Trust including Deputy Director of Facilities and Director of Risk Management. During his 20 year NHS experience he was seconded on a number of occasions to projects involving estates and facilities matters for the World Health Organisation and has taught fire safety engineering to MSc level. He has been invited to speak at numerous international conferences on a variety of facilities related issues particularly in connection with the challenges and opportunities of PFI and alternative funding.