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Macro upgrades ICT infrastructure

Macro has upgraded its Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure which supports the entire business in the Middle Eastern region with the implementation of advanced NetApp data storage and VEEAM data disaster recovery technologies.

The new sustainable data storage and management solution, NetApp, allows us to accumulate large volumes of data and increases storage efficiencies, while at the same time minimising the carbon foot print by considerably cutting energy consumption and reducing power costs. NetApp is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and can reduce a datacentre footprint by up to 50% while increasing storage efficiencies.

Macro has also installed VEEAM Software for data disaster recovery which allows us to obtain data replication and file back-ups off-site. This becomes operational automatically within minutes if the primary centre fails, and improves redundancy considerably.

Sandeep Nair, Macro's ICT Manager, said: "Such a significant investment will mean that Macro's data storage capacity is secured and scalable for the next three years as a minimum. The disaster recovery for our key systems and data has improved with automated transfers in place. In addition, having this solution will considerably reduce Macro's power consumption with fewer hardware being utilised. As a consequence there will be both cost and environmental benefits."