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Advice for relocation planning


By Hugh Henderson, Director of Consultancy, Macro

Many of our clients have gone through major change programmes linked to relocation or estate consolidation and as they say ‘the devil is in the detail’. 

So what key advice can we offer? 

Be clear on your short and long term business strategies and objectives of change.  Why do you want to move?  Are you relocating to improving productivity, introduce efficiencies, dispose of ageing assets and properties or introduce new ways of working?  Do you have a clear property strategy that is driving your change programme? 

Service and knowledge-based organisations tend to be centred on creating multi-dimensional workspaces that enable people to have the correct balance of space, technology and environment; they need to understand how people work, where, when and what helps them be productive.   

In manufacturing, technology and processes invariably determine your requirements for area and space as much as the people who use the space.  The first clear message is to understand what you have, how you use it and what you want to do differently.  

Are you an agile team of flexible workers or more of a technology dependent static team? You’ll need the evidence and source data to back up your plans, inform your decision and to help to develop space plans for your new location.  Think about important departmental adjacencies.   Decide on how you will furnish the new work space and think about how staff behaviours might need to change to get the most out of the new facility.  What will all this cost and have you set a realistic budget? 

When it comes to planning the physical move you need to plan the dates, ensure there aren’t any conflicting activities and procure your removal contractor.  Make sure everyone knows the part they are to play and communicate, communicate, communicate.  Don’t forget about the need for additional security, carry out risk assessments and have a plan to cope with unforeseen problems and emergencies. 

On move day let the experts get on with their job, work hand in hand with IT and bring in the cleaning team to add the finishing touches.  If you’ve planned, got the team working together and won everyone over then your relocation will be a success.  It won’t end there so make sure you think about following up and conducting Post Occupancy Evaluations – we never stop learning and improving. 

Most importantly, don’t forget about the people.  Moving is stressful.  Indeed it is listed in the top 5 most incidents in our personal lives.  We must remember that a work move is also stressful and that it is important that the people element of the move is given great consideration and care if you want your move to be a successful one. 

Our objective is to develop and deliver efficient buildings and effective staff which sounds simple but requires a holistic approach bringing together considerations relating to people, place, technology, communication and culture. With this in mind our advice is to plan well ahead; understand why the change is taking place; set clear success criteria and work with a dedicated specialist to coordinate and drive your project forward. 

If you’re looking for advice or want someone help plan and coordinate your move then contact #MacroImpact.  We’ll take the pain away and might even help to mop up the tears!