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Believe and Achieve


By Pam Moscrop, London Portfolio Manager, Macro

“Believe and achieve”, says Pam Moscrop, London Portfolio Manager for Macro.  “Believe in yourself, put in the effort and you will achieve anything you want to”.

In February 2014, Pam lost her mum to a rare form of Lymphoma, and today, National Lymphoma Day, she shares her story of how she put those inspiring words into practice.

“When mum was diagnosed we lived on opposite sides of the world.  I wanted to do something to share her journey, to help her fight and give her strength and hope.  So I decided to run a marathon.

My personal best for running a 100 metres was 21.4 seconds.  Those that knew me scoffed at the idea of me taking on a marathon but applauded my insanity.  I started training, and it was going well, but I did too much too soon and ended up with stress fractures on both of my ankles. Still I persevered, training through sun, wind, rain and snow, strengthening my mind and body until d-day or in my case m-day!

Mission accomplished, 1st Marathon (Portsmouth Dec 2013) completed in 5 hours and 56 minutes. I can honestly say it was the toughest mental and physical thing I have ever done.

Mum then took a turn for the worst and had to have huge doses of Chemotherapy and Radiation and I felt utterly helpless and wanted to give up. But I didn’t, every day she loved to hear about the runs I was doing, the new routes I was finding and mothers being mothers if I was finally starting to lose my puppy fat.  She wasn’t giving up so why should I?

That’s when the Eureka moment hit me, with me running and sharing my trials and tribulations with her she was vicariously living through me, and despite all the pain and suffering in her last few weeks, she never gave up. When I doubted myself she encouraged me, supported and believed in me. She was so positive that she was going to fight the cancer and see me cross the finish line of another marathon.

Sadly that moment never came, but the one thing I realised was that she believed in me which made me believe in myself, so much so that I achieved something I never thought possible. So I vowed to continue to run, and expanded that to include doing weird and wonderful activities to push the boundaries and help those less fortunate than me.

Since then I have done a further four Marathons (Brighton x 2, Berlin and London) and an ultra Marathon (Winter Tanners), a skydive, a number of half marathons, ten milers, five kms and even a fire walk.

I do this in her memory and know she is looking down from up high watching with pride.

It’s not about how fast you go or realistically what time you get – although you do always secretly want that PB (personal best) and whilst I’m not and never will be the fastest… my motto is “enjoy the atmosphere and put one foot in front of the other until someone puts a medal round my neck.” Slow miles are better than no miles!

The moral of the story can be applied to anything in life, be it work or personal. No matter how tough things get, how grey the sky looks, how frustrated you feel, if you believe hard enough in yourself, put in the time and effort you will achieve anything you want to. Even when you get knocked down, get up, dust yourself off and start again.

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