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Customer Service and Health and Safety: the story of the two long distance cousins


By Claudio Rising, Compliance and Performance Manager, Mace Macro

Recently at my local shopping centre, I witnessed a young boy fall over and hurt his knee. He started crying and so his mother took him to the first-aid room.  The first-aid attendant was incredibly helpful. She chatted to the boy, offered him a lollypop, cleaned his knee and sealed the wound with a little plaster adorned with cartoon characters. She gave the mother more plasters to take home, along with a pamphlet on how to keep children safe in a shopping centre, and then completed her accident record using an iPad. 

The situation made me reflect and realise how intrinsically linked customer service and health and safety are. As a result, I have developed a few ‘golden rules’ of how we can deliver excellent customer service through our approach to health and safety. 

1. The customer comes first – it was right that the child was treated prior to any paperwork being completed. Often, we think about processes, policies, and procedures, but the customer must always come first. It’s refreshing to see how our industry are always innovating to find new ways to make people safer and healthier, and this approach is at the heart of that.

2. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – something simple was dealt with by the attendant in such a professional and caring way, I’m sure the parents will want to go back and likely discuss the positive experience with family and friends greatly improving reputation. 

3. You are on stage, 24/7/365 – as a Guest Relations Manager in a hotel I inspired my team by explaining the Front of House is their stage. You are there to impress your customer with a smile and professionalism; so go out there and own it. We now see the ‘new breed’ of health and safety professionals out in the field, changing culture and behaviours to create a work environment where safety comes first and becomes second nature. 

4. Exceed customer satisfaction through proactive support – there is nothing more satisfying than knowing the person serving you is going the ‘extra mile’. Going the extra mile in health and safety will make a huge difference in building positive meaningful relationships. 

By taking some of the customer service ‘golden rules’ we can make health and safety an experience that will change people’s perception of the industry and connect two long distant cousins that do not seem to distant after all.

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