Going that extra mile | Macro

Going that extra mile


By Bill Heath, Managing Director, Macro International

Facilities management is a people-business and engaging with clients is therefore imperative. Communicating regularly and ensuring everyone is on the same page is crucial, but also to be flexible in your approach and your solutions. It’s about having a can-do attitude. 

Long-term partnerships

With the trend going towards longer contracts even more emphasis needs to be placed on creating a partnership with clients. The cornerstones of a lasting relationship are trust, communication, compromise and versatility. In the Middle East in particular, we see the importance of building up and nurturing relationships. The focus is not just on the contract but on the long-term collaboration between Macro and the client. 

Global co-operation

Working globally requires flexibility. If a client enters a new market or a new country, a service provider needs to be able to follow that client and provide the same standard of service. This might require a certain amount of research and networking with new subcontractors. The client should feel that everything is being done to accommodate their needs. Whether it’s a local or international client, the service provider’s international standards need to be reflected in the FM work carried out. 

Continuous learning

At Macro we have been fortunate enough to be involved in a number of unique projects, thanks to trusting clients. This has meant creating new processes and procedures and has created a learning opportunity for both the client and our teams. No project should ever be viewed as too big or too small. My opinion is that any project can be carried out and if you don’t have the resources yourself: collaborate with experts in those fields. Outsourcing creates opportunities. 


A relationship stays strong through effective communication. This can be through the creation of a clear brief, contract reports and progress meetings, or simply by picking up the phone or meeting with the client on a regular basis. Attentive listening is key – are there any issues that need to be resolved? If so, deal with them promptly and delegate to the necessary departments if possible, but always follow up. Be approachable and don’t leave emails unattended in your inbox. 


Finally, the ability to understand a client’s needs and provide a flexible solution is a key strength for any service provider. New methods need to be tried and tested and the use of technology – which is forever evolving within FM – shouldn’t be underestimated. Getting out of your comfort zone is usually a positive experience: obstacles should be viewed as possibilities.