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How to get ahead in facilities management – tips for job seekers


By Rebecca Hodgson, Facilities Manager, Western Central Europe

At this time of year we all think about challenging ourselves a little: What should I start, what can I stop, and where could I improve? Change is easier for some than it is for others, and the prospect of looking for opportunities within your current workplace or a new role can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. 

As the Facilities Management (FM) industry gains more recognition as a profession in its own right, the demand to have the right people on board to meet customer business requirements is paramount. For school leavers, choosing FM as a career path, undertaking a degree in FM, or exploring the opportunity to embark on a graduate programme with a market-leader, such as Macro, is a great baseline. 

For those of us already established within FM, we need to consider leveraging our abilities to really stand-out against the competition both within our own companies or when looking externally. Demonstrating our competence through a combination of skills, knowledge, attitude, training and experience are all good starting points but the reality check comes when we realise that companies are looking for more… more leadership capability, more industry recognition, more international experience… what can we do to ensure we’re putting our best foot forward when it comes to finding our next role in this exciting industry? 

Identify key stakeholder’s wants and needs: Have you done your research? Are you able to offer expertise in specialist areas? Do you have an idea that you could present? What are the values of the company and can you identify with them? By truly understanding the needs and desires of the organisation that you’re targeting, you can not only adapt to suit them, but ensure they’re the right fit for you. 

Promote your own leadership: Companies no longer just look for management skills; they want to recruit leaders who can help to drive their company forward. Undertake and promote additional training in this area, demonstrate that your ideas were successful and your passion for strategy and innovation. Make it known that you are ambitious. 

Be seen on social media: Demonstrate industry awareness, your values and interests. Creating your personal brand will inevitably get you noticed. Not everyone is social media savvy yet, but employers are using it more and more to gain an overview of the real person behind the CV. Ensure that you are promoting yourself in a way that gains good publicity and builds-up good contacts - both people that you know but also those that you admire and who have credibility within the industry. Be sure to share your CV publicly too, recruiters will be able to find you when they apply their search criteria. 

Polish your CV: Even if somebody has recommended you for the position or it is in-house, this is a fundamental part of the process. Time and effort in this area is not wasted, but ensure that your CV is achievement-based. Companies want to know how you actually made a difference and what you can offer to them. 

Gain interview practice: Research likely questions that will be asked at the interview and prepare your responses in advance. By accepting real interview opportunities you will gain practice and become more at ease with selling yourself. When the job you really want comes along, you can be 100% confident in your approach. 

Change could be just round the corner and being mindful of your plan for the 12 months ahead can open up opportunities when you least expect them, there’s no better time to consider the steps you will put in place to improve your skill set or re-ignite motivation for your own well-being, even small changes can ultimately make a big impact, so what are you waiting for? 

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