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Independence Day and Liberation Reflections


By Richard Hayes, Managing Director, Macro North America

One thing is certain; history has a habit of repeating itself.  The teaching of history is predicated upon the basis that an understanding of circumstances that lead to a known result in the past will most likely be repeated in the future unless forces intervene to alter those circumstances.  As a corollary, the definition of insanity is often referred to as repeating the same process and expecting different results.  So how do the teachings of history, insanity and the 4th of July have anything to do with each other?  It all boils down to human nature and the dependence on familiar and comfortable processes and procedures pursued, often recklessly, in the pursuit of a positive outcome. 

In the Facilities Management (FM) industry, we often gravitate towards solution providers that are “dependent” on a supply chain whose interests are not always aligned with our business objectives.  The dependence on select supply chain providers may be due to personal relationships, financial incentives or other factors that often cloud the judgment of the solution provider to the detriment of the client.  So why would an FM manager change solution provider without first assessing the dependency of the solution provider on its supply chain?  The question is rhetorical and one that underscores the need for an agnostic and independent approach to supply chain management.  It is only when the solution provider is removed from the emotional and financial constraints of supply chain selection that a true balanced scorecard can be developed and the client’s best interest’s be fulfilled… independence from the supply chain! 

In closing, as we celebrate this July 4th, we ask that FM managers deviate from the insanity of dependence from solution providers who are captive to their supply chain and demonstrate the same historically poor results.  Liberate yourselves by choosing an integrator who is likewise independent from the supply chain and only has your best interests and business objectives in mind.  

Wishing you all a happy, healthy (and sane) Independence Day!   

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