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My FM Journey


By Martin Gleeson, FM Co-ordinator, Macro Ireland

On St Patrick’s Day, Martin Gleeson, FM Co-ordinator for Macro in Dublin, discusses his FM Journey, what he loves about the industry and how he’s constantly evolving to deliver the best service for clients. 

Like most people I came to Facilities Management (FM) through a non-traditional route. I had my first taste of it in 2004 when I was seconded into the department, and since joining Macro Dublin in 2008 I haven’t looked back. 

Working for an international organisation has given me exposure to many situations, cultures and projects.  No two days are ever the same, and the challenge is to approach every day differently, always striving to find a better way to help the client and deliver more value.  

We’re fortunate at Macro to have an excellent training programme, and in addition to the in-house courses, and the mentoring that I receive from my manager, I’ve recently started studying the BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) Level 4 Diploma.  I choose Level 4 because it complemented my years’ of experience, is full of variety, yet would still challenge me. 

Studying has shown me that there’s so much more to FM than I ever realised.  It’s a fascinating industry, full of variety and opportunities.  Meeting people that do the same job, yet come at it with different points of view, has been invaluable.  We have so much to learn from each other.  

I’ve taken a lot of it back to my day job; learning to take a step back and evaluating a situation before taking action, is something that’s really helped.  You need certain skills to be a successful facilities manager, such as integrity, patience and a customer-centric nature.  I definitely believe I’m in the right role, and look forward to progressing my career with Macro, whether in Dublin or overseas – the opportunities are there for the taking.

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