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My two golden rules for delivering a better FM service


By Lindsay Fright, Facilities Manager, Mace Macro

Lindsay Fright is a facilities manager for Macro.  She is passionate about challenging the status quo, and is constantly seeking a better way to deliver services for her clients.  ‘Think differently’ and ‘communicate more’ are two mantras that she lives by, and here she discusses what that means for improving FM. 

FM is an ever-evolving industry.  As buildings become more intelligent, sustainable and value-driven; and employees demand greater choice and flexibility, the facilities manager must be light of foot and willing to adapt to suit the client’s ever-changing needs.  

But, what if there is an attitude of “It’s always been done that way here?” Well, that’s fine is everyone, and every aspect of the service being delivered, is thriving.  But, nothing is static, and so it’s essential that FMs regularly review and assess whether their skills, processes and procedures, technology and even attitude is in just the right place to meet their client’s needs. 

Think differently

When I recently joined an already well-established team, my fresh eyes quickly spotted areas for change.  Rushing in with my suggestions wasn’t going to win anyone’s trust, so I took my time and got to know my team.  I watched how things work, and dreamt up better ways of working; and then slowly introduced my own ideas.  

But, my way isn’t always going to be the best way, and I truly believe that the whole team should to be involved in the pursuit a better way of working. Empowered teams can make change happen, and I challenge everyone to consider all aspects of what they do, and put forward creative suggestions on where improvements can be made.  It leads to all sorts of ‘aha moments’, which in turn will see everything from a clumpy procedure being simplified, to a reorganisation of the team with knock-on opportunities for career expansion, and cost savings and better efficiency for the client. I believe that continuous improvement should be the ‘norm’, and the way things work around here. 

Communicate more

As technology advances apace, in FM nothing can replace good old-fashioned communications.  Talk to your client, and the wider business, and really listen to what they’re telling you.  Even if their concerns about something seem small to you, understand that it means something to them.  Show them that you care about their problems, take action and keep them informed on progress.

When things aren’t going to plan, communicate even more.  Let people know what’s happening and what you’re doing to resolve the issue.  Don’t sit at your desk and hide behind email; get out and walk the floors, talk to people, answer their questions and maintain a strong visible presence every day.  It may not get the problem resolved any quicker, but people will feel informed, valued and will be much more understanding. 

As FMs, if we can truly understand our clients’ needs, be willing to adapt, and take the time to communicate more, we are going a long way to delivering a better service.

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