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Review, don’t do this January


By Simon Green, Commercial Manager

Mid-January is almost upon us, and congratulations to everyone that has stuck to their resolutions, whatever they may be. Only 50 more weeks to go, to prove that 2016 was the year that you did it! Whether you’re losing weight, cutting down on drinking or smoking, exercising more, being more present, pursuing your ‘passion’, or trying to do a better job, I’d like to offer some advice that may help you to reach your goals. 

The fantastic team that I work with follow a model of Plan, Do and Review. We find that it simplifies our operation and allows us to look closely at how we’re doing. What is slightly unusual about our approach is that we kick off with Review. Unusual, because it’s tempting to start the year by setting out a plan. It seems logical, and is actually the enjoyable stage; because while we’re planning we’re not actually doing anything, yet it feels like we’re achieving so much. 

Of course the next stage is to Do, and this is where we can show that things are getting done. Whether it’s implementing a new approach to customer care, or working out with a personal trainer, we’re off and no-one can stop us.  That’s where February enters the picture.  

We allow ourselves that one drink because it can’t hurt, and after being so good surely we can indulge in the cheese board. From that point, all of our good work falls by the wayside and it’s business as usual. 

Our approach of starting with Review breaks the cycle. If we take the time to review the previous 12 months, we’d clearly see that our efforts break down in February and we’d create a different type of plan. While many people are feeling down-trodden by the rotten weather and fed up of depriving themselves of the food they enjoy, our team is fully energised. We achieve this by having conversations, reviewing the year just gone, looking at what went well and of course not so well. We celebrate our successes which means we start the year on a high. 

Our high spirits translate into a happy and engaged team who are flowing with ideas to start planning and to look to the future. The team is buzzing right now, and our customers feed off that energy. 

So start your year not with a new plan, or with major actions.  Instead, review the past 12 months. Celebrate your achievements, learn from past mistakes and by the time February arrives and everyone else’s plans are starting to falter, you’ll be ahead of the game with your own plan and actions based on what you learned from the previous year. 

January isn’t so bad after-all!

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