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The added value of outsourced facilities management


By Mark Coleman, Facilities Manager at Macro

During the 10 years that I worked as an in-house facilities manager, I was skeptical about what outsourced FM could really offer.  Surely the service could never be delivered with the same passion that I saw in-house?

Since joining Macro two years ago, I’m often asked my view on how things are different, on the ‘other side’.  The truth is that I’ve been amazed that the turnaround in my perception has been so complete. 

One of the main benefits, that I see, is that clients are given a dedicated account manager, who is responsible for running the full range of hard and/or soft services.  But sitting behind the on-the-ground team, is a whole company dedicated to providing a cost effective, seamless, and flexible solution. 

Cost effective: clients benefit from a range of support services, including best-of-breed software, financial reporting, and auditing; as well as senior management support.  They also benefit from better buying power, and specialist providers who are vetted against performance and financial records.  They get the best in the market, and have the option to more easily switch as their needs grow and change.

Seamless: managing the multitude of contractors and relationships that’s required for an effective FM solution falls to the service provider, who have specialists in place for every stage of the process.  Whether it’s ensuring planned maintenance is carried out on time, arranging risk assessments / method statements / work permits, or proactively identifying and remedying faults – this happens like clockwork, and the client can really focus on the business of their business.

Flexible: clients can pick and choose the services they specifically need, giving the flexibility required to meet their business needs.  The service provider covers leave and sickness with competent professionals, giving the client the added comfort that all of their FM related services are managed 24/7 365 days a year.

I believe that the service provider offers a better, more structured approach to the delivery of FM.  We are constantly developing relationships for specialist services, that we know have been tested in the market place.  We are engaged through our peers, teams and management, and challenged to work better and develop solutions outside of the norm. 

Basically we live and breathe FM, and our client facing teams and those working behind the scenes are all working towards providing that all-encompassing 5 star FM service!

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