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What does success look like in today’s world?


By Debra Ward, Managing Director, Macro

I recently attended an award ceremony at my daughter’s school.  The Chairman of the school, Dr Colin Diggory spoke to the audience (25% of which were the recipient pupils) about what success looks like in today’s world, what’s changed, and five most important areas to focus on for success today:

Leadership – whilst this is not a new concept he said that leadership today is not about hierarchy.  Everyone, in whatever position, has the opportunity to lead.  Today’s organisations are more of a spoke and hub opposed to a pyramid.  Within that type of structure the success of any organisation is about finding, nurturing, promoting and using the leadership skills we have wherever they are and appreciating that everyone has the potential to lead.

Agility – Dr Diggory said that in the “olden days” one practised your craft over and over again until you perfected it.  He likened it to archery, a single, static target.  All one had to do was simply work on shooting your arrows straight and hitting the bulls-eye.  Today however, the target and the environment are ever changing, flexing, and moving… one needs to be more like a homing missile… navigating ever changing factors to lock on to a moving target.  One needs to constantly monitor, assess and alter in order to achieve success.

Collaboration and Independence - both team and individual working in equal measure are required today.  Organisational structures run much like spider graphs where people come together and then they split out on their own and then come together again.  Collaboration is becoming more and more imperative to ensure innovation and evolution for companies to stay on the crest of change.  Individuals need to adapt, grow and work independently so that in times of collaboration they add real value to the team.

Communication – the volume and rate of change today is staggering.  Staying on top of it, though tricky, is vital for any organisation.  There are a plethora of ways we communicate be it indirectly, through our culture or directly via visual, verbal and vocal mediums.  Communicating to your own organisation is just as vital as the way we communicate to the public.  In this fast paced, ever changing, global world of business it is key to use all mediums available, be it print, vocal, social media or video… whatever it takes to stay connected and in communication.

Individuality – one of the great things that was spoken about at the event is the celebration of our uniqueness.  That individuality in today’s world can and should be celebrated instead of conformity. This does not mean to abandon consistency but rather stay open to possibility.  Though uniqueness may be difficult to embrace because it may be uncomfortable, it can and often is the very corners where greatness hides.

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