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Why Customer Service is like a ball of wool


By Simon Green, Commercial Manager, Mace Macro

We often use a person’s job title to define what they do in the workplace. That can become a challenge when the title includes Health and Safety or Customer Service; because we push all of the responsibility just in the direction of those people. 

If I were King for a day, I would remove Health and Safety and Customer Service from all job titles.  Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos said: “Customer service shouldn’t be a department, it should be a mind-set.”  This is a quote that I particularly like, as it reminds us that customer service isn’t as simple as a title, or one person’s responsibility; it needs to be deep-rooted into a company’s values and culture. 

So how can this be achieved?  The trick, I would suggest, is to not focus on ‘customer service’, but instead all of the other elements of your business.  Let me explain.  I think of customer service as a complete ball of wool, made up of many different strands.  Each strand represents the different aspects of what a company does, such as: colleague engagement, health and safety, wellbeing and happiness, accurate reporting, commercial success, communications, integrity, and opportunity, to name just a few from a list that is almost endless. 

If we focus on getting all of the ‘strands’ thriving, these will feed into the ball of wool and create something quite special.  A culture of fantastic customer service will also be a culture of world-class health and safety; it will be an environment where colleagues feel happy and engaged, and the business is commercially successful. 

To truly delight your customers, focus on all of the little strands within your organisation, get them right, excel at them, and it will lead to truly fantastic customer service.

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