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Women in business – co-operation, not competition


By Jessica Jarlvi, Marketing & PR Manager, Macro

Women in business should support and encourage each other, not compete. There’s room for us all! That’s why initiatives for women in business are so important. Last month, the British Business Group (BBG) in the UAE launched a Women in Business Focus Group. Over 50 women attended together with three brave men. 

The guest speaker, one of the UAE's high achieving Emirati women, Lubna Qassim, who is UAE Alliances Director for the BBG and the Executive Vice President, Group Company Secretary and the General Counsel of Emirates NBD Bank, provided an empowering and inspiring talk and generously shared stories from her own life. She concluded by encouraging more men to participate in the future. And rightly so: both genders should be participating in the equality debate. 

Interestingly enough however, many during the networking session felt that male colleagues were often supportive of their career progression, while female bosses tended to be less encouraging. This intrigued me and I therefore interviewed a number of females globally. The consensus seemed to be that there are few places for women on the board and we therefore have to compete to obtain a spot.   

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be about gender. Women have invaluable skills to bring to the table but so do men. It should be about what an individual has to offer. I feel very fortunate to be working for a forward-thinking organisation such as Macro, where I don’t feel I’m held back. 

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