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FM Consultancy

  • Macro assists you in taking a strategic approach to the management of your facilities and assets

Strategic Delivery

Macro FM consultancy services work with our clients to maximise the value of their property and asset portfolio. With a wealth of experience drawn from both public and private sectors, our highly qualified consultants ensure the following key services are delivered:

1. Asset management - Improving service with efficiencies in FM and asset management strategies, inputs to building design, life cycle cost modelling, handover and implementation.

 2. Cost management – Controlling or reducing costs  within service delivery lines as well as a clear focus on optimising the whole life  costs of assets.

3. Quality service delivery- Helping to maintain quality and service assurance within business critical service areas.

4. Compliance and risk management - Ensuring that risk is identified and managedacross the entire property portfolios.

5. Energy Management and sustainability - Alignment to and improvement in the sustainability of an entire property portfolio.

Our Approach

Macro’s consultancy services are based on best practice in asset and facilities management and are aligned with Soft Landings.  We are dedicated to ensuring that clients inherit and retain buildings that are best suited to their needs that make them easier to commission, maintain, control and manage, as well as offering them cost benefits.   We recognise that 80% of the whole life cost of a building is involved in operating, repairing and maintaining the building and much of this is determined at the design stage.  We make sure there’s no gap between the goals of developer, builder, owners and occupiers and our intelligent planning of life cycle asset management can help you reduce costs and make efficiencies in service delivery. 

We work in a collaborative way with our clients and with design and construction teams to derive the full benefits of safety, efficiency and sustainability.  By understanding and working within an integrated project environment we help manage risk and we add value.  We support BIM level 2 projects and our systems and processes will help clients work in their Common Data Environment.

What does success look like?

Our clients benefit from:

  1. Sound FM and asset management strategy: shaped through whole life cost modelling, aligned to business objectives, operational planning and procurement management.
  2. Transformed FM delivery: through service rationalisation, effective and efficient data management, asset management, information and project management, contract specification and risk apportionment.
  3. Workplaces that support the organisation:  our team can conduct needs analysis, develop workplace strategies, help with stacking and space planning and ensure that relocations and moves management are carried out smoothly.
  4. Improved FM performance: through KPI and resilience assessment, due diligence review and business continuity planning.
  5. Financial control: through cost modelling and management, audit and benchmarking assessment, and supply chain rationalisation.
  6. Property insight: we provide property management advice through portfolio analysis, service charge strategy, compliance and health and safety audit, occupancy optimisation and advice to owners’ and residents’ management associations.
  7. Interim FM management: through performance turnaround, procurement oversight and contract transfer.

Tangible technical asset management support: through asset audits, condition surveys, building O&M manuals, user guides, energy audits, operational & lifecycle cost modelling, CAFM procurement and integration management based on the principles of Soft Landings.