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Owner Association Management (MENA)

  • Owner Association Management is offered by Macro across the Middle East and North Africa

Building on our commitment to be an innovative facilities management partner, Macro now offers services to various types of jointly owned properties including residential, commercial and mixed-use owners’ associations in the Middle East and North Africa. 

For owner associations in the region, this means Macro can preserve your community’s property value, enhance the overall lifestyle in your community and provide a safe and enjoyable environment for every user. 

Macro’s approach is threefold and represents an efficient and effective form of day-to-day management across 3 distinct areas:

1. Administrative Management

  • Annual general assemblies 
  • Board meetings 
  • Record keeping 
  • Community communication 
  • Community rules enforcement 
  • Legal compliance 

2. Financial Management 

  • Annual budget preparation 
  • Accounting services 
  • Service charge invoicing and collection 
  • Debt recovery management 
  • Insurance management 

3. Technical Management 

  • Procurement and recommendation of service providers 
  • Oversee planned and general maintenance 
  • Service provider performance management 
  • Perform regular and surprise inspections 
  • Health and safety audits 
  • Energy and sustainability audits 

To ensure the long-term value and maintain the quality experience offered by your real estate, talk to Macro today about the benefits of our owner association management service.