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Macro’s facilities management consultancy team was engaged by Baha Mar Limited to develop an FM operating cost model for its multi hotel resort development near Nassau in the Bahamas. This resort development is complex and ambitious and features four high quality hotels and a wide range of shared services for future guests.  

In terms of scale the hotels will offer a total of nearly 2,500 guest rooms, together with villas and apartments. The shared services will include a casino, convention centre, spas, restaurants, retail outlets and a twenty acre beach pool facility. Total floor area is approximately 3.3 million square feet and the total site area is about 600 acres. 

Macro’s challenge was to develop a cost model to incorporate high level FM operating costs to cover the following wide range of services ranging from mechanical and electrical services (incl. lifts), to utilities, cleaning, landscaping, security, reception, porterage, ongoing facilities management and lifecycle replacement costs. 

Our model has enabled the client to challenge and confirm a number of core assumptions on the breath, depth and scale of support service requirements. This has enabled our client to enter into its commercial commitments with the confidence of knowing that its cost model is sufficient to sustain the running of this bespoke resort complex, taking into account the annual running costs and their life cycle financial commitments for the first ten years.


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