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Macro provides facilities management services to Invesco in Hyderabad, India as part of our global commission which covers UK, continental Europe, USA and Canada, and highlights Macro’s commitment to flexibility, supporting clients anywhere in the world. The global contract began in the UK in 2005 and is expected to run until 2016. The project in Hyderbad, India, commenced in 2011. 

The five-year contract covers 100,000 sq ft over two floors in a multi-tenanted building with over 625 staff as on May 31, 2013. Acting as a Managing Agent, Macro currently employs 15 facilities management personnel. 

Working with a facilities budget of US $2m per year, the services managed by Macro include reception and library, building maintenance, security, cleaning, waste management, catering, employee transport, moves management, post room, reprographics, couriers, archiving and business continuity planning.  

In April 2012, the contract was expanded to include a disaster recovery site and external events.


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