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Queen Elizabeth Court - Workplace Planning

  • Workplace strategy at Queen Elizabeth II Court

Supporting a wider Mace project team Macro were commissioned to help deliver an extensive refurbishment of Elizabeth II Court (formerly Ashburton Court) for client Hampshire County Council. Located in the centre of Winchester, the project transformed a tired and dilapidated 1960s office block into a modern, efficient and highly sustainable working environment.  

For Macro’s workplace team the re-imagining of the Council’s headquarters offered an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in taking new physical facilities and cementing real value in the form of workplace strategy. The revitalised 12,600m2 building was ready for occupancy in 2009 at which point Macro’s strategy could start to reap dividends.  

Our approach centred on education, data collection and analysis, formulating and delivering a relevant and achievable project plan. We helped the Council to define its requirements and prepare the initial business case. We ran workshops early on to help the architects grasp what working improvements would be needed from the completed project. We audited the design and quantified the potential new occupancy levels. We embraced paper reduction and implemented new file reduction and archiving processes.  

Macro’s role also included the logistics of this major move, decanting 600 employees from the existing building and handling the move-in for another 1,100. And as part of our aftercare we ran utilisation audits to identify the real space gains and ensure continual improvement. 

The benefits were tangible: 

  •  30% space utilisation improvement 
  •  4,500 square metre reduction in county council office space requirement 
  •  £200,000 per annum saving on running costs 
  •  75% more staff occupying the refurbished spaces
  • Creation of more flexible spaces and modern IT infrastructure 
  • Training council staff to undertake their own utilisation studies
  • Hampshire County Council is now in a position to provide central services to other councils under a local framework agreement


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